My purpose is to assist you in gaining access to what is most often described as "Spiritual Healing Energy" or "Life Force". Reiki is one system or means of enabling man to access this "Life Force Energy". The word Reiki is Japanese in origin and can be translated as being made up of two seperate kanji.
Rei signifies "Universal"
Ki signifying the dynamic Life Force

The originator of the system, Dr. Mikao Usui, chose this combination to describe his system of using Universal Life force or Spiritual Energy which helps to bring the individual back into harmony, wholeness and wellness. According to most far Eastern teachings "Ki" not only resides within us but animates all living things. In addition it is taught that when this Life Force is disrupted, our being react negatively to the disruption. Disruption cause unbalance, unbalance equals discomfort. Reiki restores the Life Force.

It referred to by other names as to the Chinese as "Chi", to the Indians as "Prana". It is called "Light" in some circles and "Holy Spirit" in Christian teachings.

Reiki is described as an autonomous, intelligent, and self-directing healing energy.
Although it is not possible to define and or explain exactly what it is, or how it actually works, or for that matter, why it works, we shall proceed with the understanding that it just works.


Receiving the attunement is simple and takes about an hour. Distance attunements are sent with the Usui Distant Symbols. Reiki resides within all beings. Neither I nor any other being "gives" it to you.
It lives within you now.The attunement process is simply a means of awakening that which resides in our higher consciousness, it forms a connection between higher consciousness and the conscious mind.
Once the conscious and higher consciousness connect, all things are possible.

It is recommended when doing work that involves reaching into our higher consciousness that we begin by meditating. This is a means of quieting the conscious mind to allow the higher consciousness to become active. If you are already familiar with meditations you will not need to do anything different than you already do.
If you are not familiar it is best if you just take the time to sit and relax with your eyes closed. Allow your thoughts to just float by aimlessly, and be open to receiving the gift of empowerment. It is simple and easy. It is gentle and empowering. You are your own Master, you are Self empowered.


The Symbols There are 4 original symbols used in Reiki for the attunement. They are:
Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai Ko Mio


Remember to wash your hands before and after each session.
It is always important to follow basic cleanliness guidelines and doing energy work is not different.
Do not place your hands on infected areas of a client. This includes any type of rash or burn.
The wearing of jewerly does not interfere with the energy exchange in any manner.


Reiki is a system and not a specific energy is one which even a child can do, because it is so simple and requires absolutely no special beliefs in religious or spiritual matters or medical knowledge. One can become able to utilize this Energy which is referred to as the Life Force.
Reiki requires only the act of reaching out and touching someone you wish to help in their healing process. The Reiki system opens the individual to energy work through an initiation or ritual or blessing which is traditionally presented by what is called a Reiki Master Teacher.


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